Estée Lauder – Advanced Night Repair

Hi guys! So, considering it’s 11:36pm and I’ve just tucked myself into bed, I thought it would be apt for my first review to be about my beloved night time skincare ‘can’t do withouts’. My Estée Lauder – Advanced Night Repair foam, serum and creams.


The benefits of these pricey but necessary beauties are endless. I have been using these three products religiously for 6 weeks now and already I’ve noticed that…

  • My skin feels smoother and softer
  • My skin looks more radient, hydrated and healthy
  • Small lines and wrinkles seem to have reduced

So how does it work?

“It maximises the power of skin’s natural nighttime renewal with our exclusive ChronoluxCB™ Technology.”

Estée Lauder recommend using the products at bedtime to accelerate the natural
process of repairing skin cell damage by synchronising the natural timing at which skin and tissue repair takes place, thereby reversing signs of skin aging on a daily basis.


How to use?
Once your lovely makeup has been removed and you are fresh faced, start by using the applying a grape size dollop in your hand of the ‘Advanced Night Repair Micro Cleansing Foam’ and apply this to your water splashed face. Once your face has thoroughly been foamed, rinse off with warm water.

Moving onto the ‘Advanced Night Repair Serum’, take several drops of the concentrate and apply it on your skin. For best results, apply a drop on each finger of both hands and then massage the concentrate evenly over the neck and face, starting at the center and then moving outwards.

Finally to finish off the routine, apply the ‘Revitalizing Supreme +’ cream to your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin, massaging into your skin leaving a healthy glow to your face.

How soon will I see results?
I am currently six weeks into this routine and I will admit for the first 3-4 weeks or so, I couldn’t see much of a difference. It was only these last two weeks of using these products that I have started to notice the benefits and I’m more than impressed. If you have these night repairs but you’re not seeing the results as quickly as you would like; DON’T GIVE UP! It’s worth the wait!

This brings me to the end of my review; I hope you have enjoyed the read. If you navigate to my ‘Products’ page, I will be uploading the advanced repairs there for you to view, along with purchase websites and prices!

Goodnight and sweetdreams!

All my love, Levi-Maria ✨



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