Clinique – Oily Skin Formulas

Good morning readers, I hope you all slept well! So ending the evening yesterday blogging about my bedtime must haves‘, I thought it was quite fitting to blog this morning about myget up and go’s. If like me you have oily skin or just an oily T-Zone, maybe the Clinique – 3 step oily skin formulas are for you?


So… what do they do?

The Clinique – Liquid facial soap, oily skin formula is the first step in your routine and it’s job is to gently cleanse your skin without stripping essential moisture. This face wash will lift away dirt impurities and it prepares the skin for the next step…

The Clinique – Clarifying lotion which is step two in your oil banishing journey.  The clarifying lotion is going to remove any oil which is clogging your pores and will cleanse away any dead skin cells and flakes – this ultimately not only gives you a clearer complexion but it also controls excess oil which helps reduce spots and leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Once your face is cleansed and stripped, it’s time to hydrate with the Clinique – Dramatically different moisturizing gel. This moisturiser is amazing because it’s oil free. If you’re oily in the T-Zone area or oily all over, this moisturiser gives you an optimal moisture balance and will smooth and improve your skin without the over glaring shine.

How do I use them?

Step 1 – Liquid facial soap.

  • Use twice a day, morning and night.
  • Lather between palms with luke warm water.
  • Massage over makeup-free face.
  • Rinse thoroughly; pat skin dry.


Step 2 – Clarifying lotion

  • Use twice a day, morning and night.
  • Apply with cotton ball/pad and sweep gently over face and neck.
  • External use only.
  • Avoid eye area and lips.
  • Follow with moiturizing gel.

Step 3 – Dramatically different moisturizing gel

  • Use twice a day also, morning and night.
  • Apply a small dollop to the palm of your washed hands
  • Place on cheeks, forehead, nose and chin
  • Massage into skin in an outward motion to prevent wrinkles

What I think…

Okay so, my first impressions of the Clinique – Oily skin formulas are GREAT! Did I notice a big reduction of oil in my problem areas?  YES. Have I noticed less spot break outs? YES. Does my skin feel clean and soft? YES.

What I love about this product is that my skin glows; it doesn’t shine with grease, but glows. The formulas are so gentle to my skin and it doesn’t strip out my skins natural oils which I love. The Clarifying lotion however, try not to apply too much of this to your cotton pad as there is a slight alcohol scent to it. Don’t worry – you shouldn’t smell this too much or at all if you apply the correct amount.

If you suffer from oily skin and you’re looking for a solution, I strongly recommend these products to you – they have saved my skin and I no longer have to embarrassingly blot away my shine. If you are interested, as always I will leave these products over in my ‘Products’ page along with prices and a link to purchase (UK retailer).

I hope this has given you all the information you need and if you have any questions, just leave a comment! Also if you have any products in mind that you would like me to review, let me know!

Thanks for reading!
All my love, Levi-Maria ✨


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