Liquid Lipsticks – Friend or Foe?

Okay guys, liquid lipsticks/stains…who else can’t live with them, but can’t live without them? Well…JOIN THE CLUB! Ever since I was introduced to Gerard Cosmetics Invasion and Mocha liquid lipsticks, I became obsessed and I NEEDED more!


I started to notice more and more cosmetic brands were releasing these amazing lipstains and for me, this was great news! I started to splash out on these miracle lipsticks from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, LA Girl, Morphe and MAC but sadly, it wasn’t long before I was disappointed with at least half of my purchases.

Now, don’t get me wrong – my lips looks unbelievable on my selfies however, one sip of my wine and 5 lip smacks later, my lips turned into what I can only describe as ‘bitty and patchy’ pout. The first time I experienced this, I thought okay.. it’s the wine; I’ll just reapply? BUT, the more you reapply, the heavier your lips get and the more they chap and rub off into tiny bits which like to stick all over your teeth – attractive right?

On my third lipstain attempt, I exfoliated and moisturised my lips first before application and to my surprise, this was a HUGE improvement. Yes my lips still went patchy and rubbed off slightly but this didn’t happen for a good few hours. If you’re struggling with your lipstain, I would definitely recommend trying this tip!

Anyway.. back to my lipstain venture, I noticed NYX Cosmetics do a soft matte lip cream


These are AMAZINNNNG! They were so soft on my lips, they still lasted longer than a lipstick but weren’t as harsh as most of the lipstains I tried (they’re also half the price!). I could not fault NYX and their lip creams, their colour variety is huge and they have lipstains in NYX Lingerie – these are just as soft and smooth as the matte creams.

How to use…

If you are still wanting to rock a subtle or bold lipstain and you want the best results…

  • PREP PREP PREP – I recommend prepping your lips with a soft scrub and exfoliate with a soft-bristled toothbrush or brow brush – wipe clean ensuring no chapped skin is left and your lips are smooth.
  • LINEOnce lips are exfoliated and hydrated, the next step is to line your lips – do this before applying the lip stain.
  • INSIDE – OUT – Once the lips are lined and smooth, start applying the stain from the middle of the lip outward. This will allow the concentration to be on the larger part of the lips vs. bleeding towards the end of the lip line.
  • PERFECT YOUR POUT – Dab your lips with a tissue and apply a second coat. Clean around the lips with a pigmented concealer, using a small concealer brush, and get rid of any stray colour. As a final touch, try adding a bit more lip balm or a coat of gloss on top of the stain for added hydration.

Sadly, I’m brought to the end of this review; I hope it’s given you some insight or even tips on choosing/applying lipstains in the future! I’d love to know what you guys think of liquid lipsticks and if they’re your friend or your foe – drop me a comment 🙂

As always, I will add the stains and creams reviewed over at my products’ page.

Thanks for reading!
All my love, Levi-Maria. ✨

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