Farsali Elixir – Excellent or Exaggerated?

The end of the week is here and it’s back to work tomorrow! So what better way to take my mind off these Sunday blues than to write a review for you all. Now, any beauty lover will at some point of come across the Farsali – Rose Gold Elixir on Instagram, Twitter and Blogs, a gold flaked oil which is said to act as a daily moisturiser, anti-aging serum and a primer.


I actually first saw this product in 2016 however I’m a huge lover and advocate for the NYX – Honey, Dew Me Up gold flaked serum so I’ve never really had a reason to purchase Farsali. However, 2 weeks ago my wonderful NYX serum ran out so… I took the plunge and £50.00 later; I am now a Farsali owner.

The packaging itself is beautiful – a clean white box with gold foil font. There is a product description on the back of the box which says..

“ROSE GOLD ELIXIR – Fast absorbing, lightweight moisturiser, infused with 24k gold and added anti-aging benefits for all skin types.”

The oil is made from Rose hip seed oil and is high in linolenic fatty acids, Vitamin C & A; retinol. Rose hip seed oil has been found to reduce the appearance of fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, dry skin and stretch marks. The 24k gold is a natural mineral which helps the skin look visibly radiant.

This product is all plant-based ingredients, it is not tested on animals and contains no animal ingredients.

How to use?


  • Apply to your lips before liquid lipsticks to offer hydration and prevent cracking.
  • Mix one to three drops with your favourite foundation to deliver a dewy finish.
  • Drop one to three drops into dried up products to revive them back to life.

I personally have been applying 2/3 drops to a beauty blender and applying to my face before makeup application; this primes my face and adds a glow beneath my foundation. I also apply 1 drop to my lips after using a lip scrub, it makes my lips super soft and makes the appearance of my liquid lipsticks look smooth, hydrated and prevents lip cracks and flaking.

If you have dry skin, add just a couple of drops to your foundation; this moisturises the skin and foundation making it easier to apply and blend to your face and neck without altering the overall coverage.

As perviously mentioned, Farsali claims to reduce hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, and stretch marks. I can’t attest to this quite yet, seeing as this product is fairly new to my skin care arsenal but, I’m optimistic.


I have to say, after the few times I have used this product, I visibly noticed my skin, with and without makeup looked less tired, it appeared hydrated and had a new glow to it. I will 100% advise you to use this product if you are a huge matte and liquid lipstick lover. The formula is so lightweight and simple that I feel at ease using it every day.

As for the price, I do think it is extremely overpriced for 30ml but, you do not need to use a lot of the elixir to see the benefits. If you are looking for a product just like this but you don’t want to or can’t bring yourself to pay £50.00, check out the NYX – Dew Me Up serum which is priced at £14.00.

Thanks again guys for taking the time to read my review, I really do appreciate the love. As you know, you can find the products and purchase links over at my Products page. Any questions, just leave me a comment or an email from my Contact me page. Have a fabulous Sunday!

All my love, Levi-Maria


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