L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil – Marvellous or Misconstrued?

Hi guys! My three-day weekend has finally started and I could not be happier. All week I’ve promised an upcoming review on L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil and.. after just a week of using this product, I’m ready to fill you guys in.


So, what is Mythic Oil?

Our iconic Mythic Oil range is ideal for normal and dry hair. Treat your hair by pampering it with our oil enriched hair care range. Transform the look of your hair with a glossy, soft, and supple looking finish, thanks to oils such as argan, avocado and black cumin. The range meets all your hair care needs from start to finish without weighing it down.


Sounds a dream right?

This Argan infused oil is said to soften and add shine and radiance to your hair without weighing it down. The oil itself is extremely lightweight and instantly detangles, repairs and protects your hair.

Mythic oil is the new hair serum and your hairs new best friend. Whilst it still adds that glossy, swishy shine, the humble hair oil also adds protection and nourishment to your gorgeous locks. I used to find that serums typically just coated your hair with silicone for that glassy gloss, this Mythic oils adds shine in a far more hair friendly way.

How to use?

  • Blow-dry:
    Apply 2 to 3 pumps to damp mid-lengths and ends for enhanced smoothness and suppleness.

  • A touch of sparkle:
    Warm a pump in your hands, apply to dry mid-lengths and ends to control frizz and add shine to your hair.
  • All day frizz-control:
    Apply to dry ends as needed during the day for frizz-control and smoothness.
  • Add shine to any style:
    Add 1-2 drops of Mythic Oil to your favorite styling product. The result will be beautiful softness and shine.

My thoughts…

I find with this cold temperature air and the fact I dye my hair once every 3 months, my hair can sometimes look very damaged and brittle. Having black hair, my split ends can be visible which is an absolute nightmare. I received this product a little over two weeks ago and I’ve made sure I’ve washed my hair 3 times every week. I would wash my and towel dry my hair before applying 2 drops of the oil into my palms, rubbing them together to warm the oil before tussling through my mids and ends; the final result left my hair looking nourished, new, soft and shiny; it also smells amazing!

What I loved about this oil is it did not leave one glimmer or drop of grease on my roots or scalp. I have found that some of the serums I’ve previously used have made my hair look greasy but not this time!

All in all, I would 1000% recommend this product to you guys! So affordable at £11.50 100ml – this oil will be your hairs new go to! You can find the purchase link over at my ‘Products’ page – any questions or requests, drop me a comment or an email! 

If you want to be notified of my posts and reviews, you can sign up for email notifications at the bottom of this page 🙂 Untill next time beautiful people…

All my love, Levi-Maria.

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