Nu Skin – Nu Me!

Hi guys, happy Thursday, it’s almost the end of the week! So.. I actually wasn’t planning on blogging today but I came home from work to a cute and unexpected package yesterday full of goodies from DLN Beauty – Nu Skin so I was too excited to wait until tomorrow to review and test these for you all.

After some research, Nu Skin are a company who have combined innovative personal care products with ingredients that subscribed to the philosophy of “all of the good, none of the bad”.

Nu Skin® has unlocked the science behind the secret to looking and feeling young. Nu Skin®’s revolutionary ageLOC™ platform delivers exclusive solutions that target ageing at its very source. By slowing internal sources, ageLOC™ helps you look, feel and live younger.

Sounds like something we all need in our lives right?

So Nu Skin have sent me their e-poch Glacial Marine Mud Mask, Nu Colour curling black mascara, NaPCA moisture mist, Pharmanex Tegreen supplements and their AP24 whitening fluoride toothpaste – all extremely generous of them!


So the first thing I had to try was the e-poch mud mask, I absolutely LOVE mud masks; or any face mask for that matter. Retailed at £27.31, it is a little on the pricey side but it’s 200g, lasts 6 months and you get up to 20-25 uses out of the product. This Glacial Marine Mud mask is deposited in a remote estuary in British Columbia and fine clay is said to absorb dead cells, excess oil and other impurities. The great thing about this mask is that it is dermologically tested and is suited for all skin types – this means sensitive skin sufferers like myself don’t have to miss out!

I started off by rinsing away all my makeup, making sure I had a fresh, clean face. Once my face was dry, I applied a medium coverage amount of the mask onto my fingertips and spread evenly over my face, making sure I covered my neck but avoiding my eyes and  mouth. What I loved about the application of this mask is that it comes out of the tube so easy, like a soft liquid. I hate when some masks are so heavy that it feels like a year just squeezing it out onto your hand.

Once the mask is on your face, it pretty much dries straight away, it will harden your face but amazingly, it doesn’t crack into 1000 mud crumbs all over your furniture or floors; it’s almost foundation like. There isn’t really a scent to the mud mask so this is always a bonus if you have a sensitive nose.

After 25 minutes of relaxation, I washed the mask off with warm water, towel dried my cheeks and instantly saw a brighter face. My skin felt smooth to the touch but it also visibly looked tighter and healthier!

After my little face pamper session, I gave the AP24 toothpaste a whirl; I was instantly impressed. I dread using whitening toothpaste as most of them contain bicarbonate soda and let’s face it, they taste like salt water and it strips your teeth and enamel. Retailing at £10.37 on the Nu Skin website, I haven’t experienced enough benefit yet to be advising if this is overpriced or not but what I can say is the three times I have used this toothpaste, my teeth look cleaner, feel cleaner, they have a shine to them, they aren’t sensitive and it doesn’t leave me with chemical aftertaste. For best use of this toothpaste, Brush your teeth thoroughly, preferably after each meal or at least twice a day.

If you’re a smoker or coffee lover, this toothpaste is perfect for you.


So in my package, I was given the NaPCA moisture mist. This product is ideally to moisturise and hydrate your skin at any time, on the go with one quick spritz. If like me, you have oily skin or an oily Tzone, use this product as a primer instead before you apply your makeup.

The mist acts as a great base for your foundation to glide and stay on. It’s also a quick spruce up if you’re out and about and need a quick freshen up! If you’re thinking that this product is for you, it retails at £13.87 online.


Next up after my face was misted and my foundation was applied, I tried and compared the Nu Colour curling mascara against my Estee Lauder mascara. The Nu Colour mascara comes in a silver mascara tube and has a curved light bristle wand. The mascara formula itself is said to…

Separate lashes and make sure to give them that long-lasting curling power without clumping. With this mascara you are not missing out on the wide open eye effect this Nu Colour® Mascara can give you.


So I put it to the test. The photo on the right is the Nu Colour mascara retailing at £26.74 and on the left is my Estee Lauder Sumptuous mascara which retails at £26.50. There is literally £0.24 difference in price but a huge difference in my lashes.. Apologies for the unsymetrical photo!!!

Finally I want to talk to you about the Pharmanex Tegreen capsules. If like me you don’t drink caffeine or take caffeine supplements, you  may experience the same side effects as me which was an immediate headache and dizziness. Although I followed the instructions on the packaging which says to take one in the morning with food and a drink; unfortunately, the headache was enough to stop me trying again tomorrow.

If however you are used to caffeine and want to give these capsules a go, they are green tea food supplements which helps to protect your body by reinforcing the body’s natural defence against the effects of these free radicals that occur from pollution, stress, smoke and toxins. The capsules are retailing at £24.02 for 1 months supply, 30 tablets.



After trying all of these products, I do have to say the mud mask and the mascara are my favourites! Nu Skin isn’t a brand I have really looked into before but I’ve been pleasantly surprise by their skin, beauty, accessories and body range. As mentioned earlier, yes they are a little pricey in some areas but you certainly get what you pay for! Not only does Nu Skin offer you some gorgeous products, they also offer you business opportunities.

As always, the products and Nu Skin website link can be found on my products page. If you want to speak to a Nu Skin consultant or Ambassador about their business opportunities and products, head over and follow dlnbblogger on instagram or email them over at

I’ve really enjoyed testing and reviewing these products for you guys! Looking forward to the next one on Friday. If you would like to be notified of my blog posts and reviews, you can subscribe via your email address at the bottom of this page.

Untill next time..

All my love, Levi-Maria.


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