READY, SET, GLAM – Beauty Box


Hi guys, I hope you’re all ready for the weekend ahead! With it being Saturday and all, I thought what better way to kick off the weekend than to tell you all about the AMAZING goodies I got in my November Look Fantastic Beauty Box!

So last month I was having a look online for cute, cheap-ish but money’s worth subscription beauty boxes. Now, this isn’t something I’ve ever signed up to before because I used to be the biggest makeup/beauty snob however, I’ve come to realise that it’s not about brand, but results.

Anyway, back to looking online, I came across a couple of beauty box subscriptions such as Birchbox and Glossy Box etc but the one that stood out to me was Look Fantastic. Over on their website Look Fantastic, I simply went to ‘Beauty Box’ and chose my preferred subscription from their three options..

  1. 3 months for £14.50pm
  2. 6 months for £13.75pm
  3. 12 months for £13.00pm

After signing up to your subscription, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your gorgeous little box to be delivered to your door each month! Sounds good right?

So last Friday, my November box was delivered and the theme is READY, SET, GLAM. The box is a dark navy blue with baby blue galaxy detail and silver font. Opening the box I was met with a copy of November 2017 ELLE Magazine and their Beauty Box magazine. Beneath the magazines was a matching navy tissue paper folded perfectly to conceal the shredded tissue and cardboard fillers inside the box which helps to protect the products. I instantly became a HUGE fan of their packaging and presentation.


So.. what’s in the box?

PIXI by petra – Glow Booster

The first thing I noticed in the box was the PIXI Glow Booster, this is an illuminating liquid.  I applied the glow booster which came in shade ‘White Pearl’ to my highlighted features before my foundation application; this gives me a more natural and radiant glow. The formula of this illuminator is so smooth and silky that it makes the product super blendable! If you’re looking for a subtle but brightening glow, this is for you!


Bellapierre Cosmetics – Liquid Lipstick

Sent out in an assortment of shades, I received this liquid lipstick in a stunning red shade named 40’s Red. This lipstick is matte based but acts as a lip creme. When wearing this lipstick, I found it lasted ALL day, regardless of drinking and eating; I only needed to reapply once. I usually find matte liquid lipsticks make my lips flaky, my lip colour patchy and my reapplication look heavy and overdone but this product was completely the opposite.


This Works – Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

I will vouch for this product over and over again!! Over 5 months ago I had the worst time sleeping, it would take me hours to fall asleep only to be waking up every hour tossing and turning, my sleep was always broken and I would wake up more tired than I was going to bed. I did some research online and came across the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray so I thought I would give it a go – it’s the best thing I have purchased. All natural oils and scents, the spray releases relaxing vibes so you fall asleep quickly and deeply. The main scent of the spray is Lavender but does contain wild Camomile oils also. I’ve noticed some hotels are also now selling this spray for their uneasy sleeping customers.

All I do is spray 2-3 spritz’s onto my pillow, get into bed and close my eyes. I’m often asleep pretty much instantly and my sleep pattern is less broken. I find myself waking up refreshed and revitalised.

Murad – Essential C Day Moisture

In my box I also received the Murad daily moisturiser cream 10ml. This cream protects and shields your skin from pollution and UV damage. The moisturiser is very lightweight and doesn’t leave my skin looking oily or shiny. After the three days of using this moisturiser, I could fee l my skin feeling firmer and tighter.

Teeez Cosmetics – Spectrum of Stars Eyeshadow

Sent out in assorted pigments, I received the Indigo Dare eyeshadow. First of all, the eyeshadow packaging itself is fabulous, it comes in a silver sphere case in the teeez cosmetics box. It’s a twist cap so no chance of pulling the lid off too hard and dropping/smashing your eyeshadow all over the floor. The eyeshadow is a gorgeous green shade but it’s highly pigmented, you don’t need to build up coverage at all! This eyeshadow is perfect for your parties and nights out and it comes in loads of beautiful shades.

FILORGA – Time Filler

This eye filler cream is an innovative treatment which gives you a visible lift and tighteness to your eye area. The cream contains a botox-like active ingredient and powerful peptides which smoothes out your expression lines and will combat the sagging of your upper eyelids. It is said to plump out your hollow areas and amazingly, it’s suitable for all skin types.

So  beauties, if you’re looking for a Beauty Box but you’re unsure which to go with, I would definitely recommend Look Fantastic. All products mentioned in the post can be found on my products page with the purchase link.

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Until next time..
All my love, Levi-Maria.

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