Bourjois Paris.

Hi beautiful people, sorry for the silence – I promise I will write more this week!

After a long weekend off and some extra time, I’ve finally gotten round to creating a beauty look using Bourjois Paris products which I was kindly sent last week. Bourjois Paris are a cute cosmetic company which originally began as a small brand in 1863 when actor Joseph-Albert Ponsin was the company’s first creator; he prepared makeup and perfumes for actors and actresses in the comfort of his own home. In 1868, Ponsin entrusted his entire activity to Alexandre-Napoléon Bourjois. The company then went on to blossom in the hands of Monsieur Bourjois, who made it internationally known.

I personally have never used or purchased Bourjois cosmetics before however, this will soon be changing after my experience in using them today!

So in my package I received the Smoky Stories quad eyeshadow palette, 3 Metallic Lip Creams in shades 100, 300 and 500. I also recieved the Healthy Mix Anti-Fatique foundation and concealer along with the Volume Glamour push up mascara and 34 Rose D’Or Blush.


Kicking off my beauty look, I started with the Smoky Stories eyeshadow; this is a quad palette which has 4 beautiful shades.This pallette is amazing because you can highlight, define, prime and shadow your eyes. The lightest colour in the quad has a base primer so not only does it highlight your lids, it primes them for you also!

For best results;

1. PRIME with the lightest shade: apply over entire eyelid to prolong colour.

2. SHADOW with the medium shade: blend into the outer corner of the eye.

3. DEFINE with the darkest shade: trace along the upper lash line and sweep into the socket.

4. HIGHLIGHT with the glitter: lightly dab onto the inner corner of the eye and under the brow bone to illuminate the eye.


After my eyes were complete, I applied the Volume Glamour, Push Up mascara in shade Wonder Black. The wand itself is a soft, non curved brush which coats lash by lash. I was left with no clumps, no residue or drop smudges. I literally only needed two strokes of this product to be left with visibly longer, curled and fuller lashes.


Once your eyes are glammed and looking fabulous, move on to your foundation and concealer. I started with the Healthy Mix concealer by applying it to my highlight areas; beneath my eyes, upper cheek bones, chin and forehead. After blending the concealer into my skin, I added the Healthy Mix foundation.

Honestly, this is my new favourite foundation! First of all, it smells divine; it has such a sweet fragrance to it. Second of all, it was so light and just smoothed onto my skin straight away leaving my face looking and feeling silky.

This foundation will give you 16 hour of wear and will enhance your complexion immediately. It has key ingredients such as Apricot which brings the radiance, Melon for hydration and Apple for youth protection. No wonder the foundation smells so sweet!


To finish off the complexion, I applied the ‘Little Round Pot Blush’ in shade 34 Rose D’Or to the apples of my cheeks. The baked texture transforms when applied to the skin into an ultra-fine pressed powder. The blush is so easy to apply and blends impeccably.

This product also has a built-in mirror and brush is perfect for touch-ups on the go!


Finally to complete the look, I used the Bourjois Paris Metallic Lip Cream in shade 100. However, I also used shade 300 to cut my eyeshadow crease giving me a metallic glam look.


The lip creams are incredilbly creamy and pigmented; you really don’t need to apply much to your lips to achieve that chrome look. The lip creams are so edgy and fun, I really loved using them on this look.



Like I earlier said, I had never really used, purchased or to be honest heard of Bourjois Paris cosmetics. After being so impressed today, I will DEFINITELY be using and purchasing these incredible products again. My skin looks flawless, my eyes are glam, my lips are sparkling awa – I’m blowm away. Easily accessbile to buy at BOOTS and at such affordable prices, you can’t not treat yourself or someone else to these must haves.

I will put the products and purchase links over on my products page so you can check it out!

Untill next time..

All my love, Levi-Maria.

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