ABH – Prism Palette Perfection

Hi guys! Friday is finally here and 2018 is fast approaching. With the NYE parties and occasions coming up, it’s always a hassle trying to find something to wear not only on your body, but your face.

For Christmas, my lovely friend bought me the Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism palette! It was honestly as beautiful in person as it was on my computer screen.


First of all, the packaging is GORGEOUS. It comes in a velvet black and gold cover, reminiscent of the Modern Renaissance and Subculture palette. A dual ended brush is also included, such as other ABH palettes.

After swatching the palette and seeing the colours for myself, they are so pigmented and bold; just how I like them.  The shades in the palette are…

Lucid: A duo chrome white gold with pink reflect
Eden: Ultra-matte coral pink
Unity: Ultra-matte nude ochre
Sphinx: Metallic warm bronze
Osiris: Metallic midnight violet with red reflect
Sphere: Ultra-matte electric green-yellow
Obsidian: Ultra-matte deep black
Dimension: Duo chrome silver-grey with pink reflect
Parallel: Ultra-matte truffle
Pyramid: Metallic yellow gold with green reflect
Throne: Metallic blackened blue-green with multicolored reflect
Saturn: Ultra-matte terracotta
Eternal: Metallic violet copper
Lure: Ultra-matte ashy lilac

I know myself, that it’s sometimes hard to come up with a makeup look that compliments your NYE outfit perfectly however; I have created two looks using this palette which you may find helpful!

Starry Night

My starry night look was inspired by a ‘silver or LBD’ outfit for the party. Nothing compliments these dresses more than a bold eye.


For this look, I used…

  • Inner corner of my eye – shades Unity and Sphinx, it’s always best to start light before building up coverage.
  • Outer eye –  I used shades Osiris and Obsidian giving me that dark matte black and bluey/silver sparkle.
  • Crease blending – To blend the crease, I used shade Parallel, this is a warmer toned shade but still blends really nicely with the other shadows.
  • Lower lash line – On my lower lash line, I again used Osiris to give me a undereye shimmer.
  • Eyeliner – My winged eyeliner is Rimmel London – Liquid Liner in shade Black.
  • Lashes – My lashes are KoKo Lashes in style ‘Amore‘.


Too bold? If you’re looking for a more subtle look, I put together a look that’s perfect for you..


My goldust look is perfect for a red or gold party dress. It’s not as dark or as bold as my starry night eyes but the goldust look is hugely ramped up with a bold matte, red lip.


I created this look again, using the Prism palette. It’s a cut crease look with a wing. To put together this look, I used..

  • Eyelids – Shades Unity and Sphinx; I used these shades all along my top eyelids up to the crease.
  • Crease – To create a cutcrease effect, I used shade Parallel. I blended this along the crease and into the top eyelid to give it a nice even shade.
  • Inner corner – The inner corner of my eye, I added sparkle by applying the Eternal shimmer shadow just to add extra glam.
  • Eyeliner – Again for my winged eyeliner I used Rimmel London in shade Black.
  • Lashes – My lashes again are KoKo Lashes in style ‘Amore’ – I will add these to my products page for you to browse their beautiful sets.



Honestly, I cannot put down this palette. I’ve used it almost every single day since I received it. There’s a look for day to night, glam to over the top extra. The possibilities are endless. The shadows are incredibly pigmented and I hardly ever have to deal with ‘fall out’ which can be annoying.

If you love to experiment with makeup and beauty looks or you love bold eyes, you need to invest in this palette if you haven’t already done so. The only issue with this palette is that its limited edition so for ABH palette collectors, you need to get your hands on it quickly.

I will add this palette and my lashes over at the products for you so you can browse and purchase if you want. Hopefully, I’ve given you a couple of makeup ideas for your upcoming party evenings and if you have any questions, please drop me a comment!

You’re all amazing, thank you so much for reading! If you’re not doing so already, you can follow my social media at…

Instagram – LMEBEAUTY
Twitter – @LMEBeauty

Until next time..
All my love, Levi.


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