Gordon Castle – Garden Greatness

Hi guys, it’s the weekend AT LAST. Sorry it’s been a whilst since I have done a review for you all, I have been spending a lot of my time practising my makeup looks over at my Instagram account, lmebeauty – go check it out!

At the start of the week, I was in touch with Gordon Castle who kindly sent me some of their luxury beauty products! What initially drew my attention to Gordon Castle was their name, it’s not something you would expect to produce beauty products, gin and candles etc right?

So, who are Gordon Castle?

Located in Scotland, Gordon Castle is an exclusive use venue available for weddings, events and corporate hire. They have a beautiful walled garden which has inspired their bath and beauty range providing us with unique and exquisite products.

Their walled garden is over 200 years old and it is one of Britain’s largest and oldest working kitchen gardens. The garden is full of gorgeous and rare heritage plants and is lined with espaliered trees.


The first thing I noticed and loved about this brand is that they produce handmade, none artificial fragranced, colours, parabens, glycols, sulphates or petrochemicals. Their products are 100% natural with ingredients from their gardens andeven better.. their products are NOT tested on animals! What more could we want?


My beautiful products arrived securely bubble wraped and in a ‘Fragile’ box. Upon opening the box, I was greeted with soft white tissue paper sealed with a GC sticker to hold it together. Peeling back the tissue paper, I saw three gorgeous glass jars labelled Intense Hand Cream, Herbal Foot Balm and Deep Muscle Rub.


We all know that I am a huge packaging fan, I like simple but elegant and Gordon Castle really pulled this off for me. Their label colours are pastel green, orange and lilac; all of what you would expect and imagine to see in a beautiful garden – they kept it all within GC brand and didn’t over-do it. Kudos!!


So I started off trying out the Intense Hand Cream. Working in an office, typing, all day – every day usually takes it toll on my hands. They become hard and rough pretty quickly and I sometimes get dry, chapped patches. I have tried and gone through many a hand creams but none have yet to sort my problems completely.


When I opened the jar of hand cream, I was immediately met with a Lavender and Rose scent, this is one of my favourites. What I noticed was different about this hand cream was that it isn’t cream like at all, it’s more of a balm. This particular product is slightly thicker than the other hand creams I have tried but it seems to be more beneficial. I applied the balm to my hands and massaged in until it was pretty much absorbed into my skin. Amazingly, I didn’t have to reapply until around 4/5 hours later! My hands felt so soft and moisturised! Plus they smelt amazing which was a huge bonus!

Moving on, I tried the Herbal Foot Balm! WOW.
Opening this jar, I was met with what smelt like a Lavender and Mint scent. I’ve recently upped my excercise; this means instead of sitting on my couch like a potato, I go out for a walk now and again so, you could say my feet need some TLC.
With the Herbal Foot Balm, I smothered my feet with the balm (generously) and then I took two large zip close sandwich bags and slid my feet inside them, like socks and then closed the zip. I left my feet in the bags for 30 to 45 minutes so the balm could deeply moisturise my feet and soften any rough areas.

If you haven’t tried this already, DO IT. Your feet will feel instantly rejuvenated, soft and supple without the need for harsh scrubs.

Finally, I tried the Deep Muscle Rub. Sometimes after a walk, my calves my burn – probably because I walk super fast.. or maybe just because they haven’t had to work this hard in about 5 years! So anyway, I had a nice long hot soak in the tub and when I got out, I applied the muscle rub and massaged it, quite hard may I add, into my calves. Firstly, I LOVE the smell of this rub, I can only really explain it as deep heat and vicks vapour rub but I love it – it smells clinical.

Whilst I didn’t really experience much from the rub, I thought I would get a second opinion. 7 years ago, my mum broke her back and whilst it’s no longer broken, she still suffers really badly with back ache. I asked her if I could try this muscle rub on her and of course she was up for it, she will try anything if it could reduce her back pain!


Taking the rub, I massaged it firmly into her mid and lower back area. Safe to say, she was impressed. She said she immediately felt the muscles in her back loosen, she didn’t even realise they were tight or strained to the extent that they were. It soothed her pain tremendously and almost instantly. Whilst she knows this isn’t a permanent fix or solution to her back ache, it’s a great muscle relaxer which is easing her discomfort so, as she says, it’s a godsend. For best results from this muscle rub, try to use it twice a day!



For me, this brand is perfect. It’s everything I want when it comes to luxury beauty creams, balms and rubs, even their candles and diffusers which I have been looking at online. The fact that everything  they produce is all made from homegrown ingredients in their stunning walled garden and the fact that they are all natural, it’s incredible. You can tell a lot of love has gone into this business and that shows in the products they put out there.

If your body needs TLC, if you need TLC or just a general overall pamper, head over to their website. Get your hands on these goodies because I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Even if you know someone who has some of the issues mentioned in this post, they make gorgeous gifts. I will be sure to leave the products and the purchase links over on my Products page for you all to browse!

You can follow Gordon Castle over on Instagram also, their handle is gordoncastlescotland

If you have any questions, drop me a comment or an email. You can also DM them directly for enquiries!

If you’re not already doing so, you can follow me on my social media..
Instagram – lmebeauty
Twitter – @LMEBeauty

Until next time guys..
All my love, Levi-Maria.


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