Look Fantastic Unboxing – January 2018

Monday, Monday, Monday. I’m not usually a fan of this day HOWEVER, my Look Fantastic Beauty Box came today so, I’m pretty happy.

So this month, my box looked a little like this..


Cute right? I really love the colour theme of the products, white, olive and black. It looks simple but professional. As you know, in my monthly boxes I also receive the monthly copy of ELLE magazine and a Beauty Box product booklet so, what’s in the box?

The January box theme is all about ‘Fresh Start’ and a fresh skin care routines and products. As you all know, I love skin care! For me, the better my skin, the better base for my makeup.

The first product I noticed was the ‘Balance Me – Congested Skin Serum’. The serum is said to perfect your skin and rid all of your imperfections. It contains Kanuka oil which is a natural antimicrobial and an anti-bacterial that helps to clear congestions in your skin. It also contains eucalyptus which will reduce the redness and inflamation in your skin. What I like about this product is that it doesn’t cause any dryness or irritation when you use it; your skin will remain hydrated and soft.


To use this product, you can either apply to spots or blemishes only or you can apply all over your face.

The next product I noticed was the ‘ESPA – Pink Hair and Scalp Mud’; slightly cryptic I admit. So after having a read an a play around with the product, I discovered it was a rose paste (like a face mask) and you massage it into your hair and scalp. This is a deep nourishing and conditioning treatment. The paste is full of minerals and Vitamin C which are all good for you ingredients and it contains red clay and Apricot Kernel oil which makes your hair look sleek and your scalp hydrated.


For best use of this product, massage the product into damp hair and on your scalp, leave for 20 minutes and then wash out with your routine shampoo and conditioning method.

Following on from the ESPA mask, I received ‘MONUspaWarming Ginger Bath & Body Oil’. Now, this product pretty much does what it says on the bottle.  You can apply this product to your bath or straight onto your body. The good thing however about this oil is that if you apply it to your body, it transforms into a cleansing milk when you rinse it off so it leaves your skin feeling soft, not greasy.


Moving on, I received a ‘KORRES – White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser’. This is a cleanser which you can add to your morning face wash routine. It is said to leave your skin feeling fresh, revitalised, clean and it won’t dry out your skin! Magical.


The contents of this product are 88.3% natural and its main ingredient is white tea extract. The white tea extract is a natural antioxidant protection and toner for your skin.

Next up, I received the ‘Erno Laszlo – Light Controlling Lotion’. This lotion is for sufferers of oily, acne skin and large pores. It’s more of a toner than a lotion and it gently exfoliates the skin to remove dead cells and soothing irritations.


To use this product, just our a small amount of the toner onto the palm of your hand and pat onto your skin after cleansing. For this particular toner (there are 3 in total), work it with a cotton pad, it will double the effect of the exfoliation.

Last but not least, I received the ‘MODELco – 3D Lash Primer’. If you don’t own an eyelash primer, get one! Not only does this condition and volumise, it helps your mascara to stay on all day without smudging, clumping or fading. The primer also helps to maintain the curl in your lashes and gives an extra thickness.


To use this product, all you need to do is apply it before mascara, as you would mascara. It may look a little white but this is normal – your mascara will cover this and your lashes will look fabulous!


So guys, if you’re looking for a Beauty Box but you’re unsure which to go with, I would definitely recommend Look Fantastic. Their subscriptions are as follows…

  1. 3 months for £14.50pm
  2. 6 months for £13.75pm
  3. 12 months for £13.00pm

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Until next time..
All my love, Levi-Maria.


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